Class adways.hv.DisplayableEnrichment

Extends: adways.hv.Enrichment

DisplayableEnrichment is an adways.hv.Enrichment which can be displayed. It is generally used for "hotspot" and "popup".

adways.hv.DisplayableEnrichment( ) private

<Number> close( ) public

Inherited from adways.hv.Enrichment:

Close enrichment.

Return: <Number>:

1 if successful, 0 otherwise.

<adways.type.BooleanR> getActivated( ) public

Inherited from adways.hv.Enrichment:

Returns enrichment activation state.

Return: <adways.type.BooleanR>:

Activation state.

<STRING> getEnrichmentId( ) public

Inherited from adways.hv.IEnrichmentR , implemented by adways.hv.Enrichment


Return: <STRING>:

enrichment id

<adways.hv.IDELayoutR> getLayout( ) public

Returns displayable enrichment layout.

Return: <adways.hv.IDELayoutR>:

Displayable enrichment layout.

<STRING> getName( ) public

Inherited from adways.hv.IEnrichmentR:

Return: <STRING>: enrichment name
<Number> open( ) public

Inherited from adways.hv.Enrichment:

Open enrichment.

Return: <Number>:

1 if successful, 0 otherwise.