Class adways.iab.vast.LoaderEvent

Extends: adways.event.Event

LoaderEvent is an event sent by a Loader when a VPAID wrapper is created or when one of its VPAID wrapper dispatch an event.

adways.iab.vast.LoaderEvent( ) public

<Object> getData( ) public

Return event data

Return: <Object>:

the event data.

<adways.event.IEventDispatcherR> getDispatcher( ) public

Inherited from adways.event.Event:

Return the dispatcher of this event

Return: <adways.event.IEventDispatcherR>:

the dispatcher of this event

<adways.iab.vast.VPAIDWrapper> getWrapper( ) public

Return the VPAID wrapper

Return: <adways.iab.vast.VPAIDWrapper>:

the VPAID wrapper.